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"Tabby is what we can define a DIY artist" (YMX 2020).  Tabby Barbera is a singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist.  Although her song writing began at a young age, it wasn't until an eye opening summer spent teaching on an art camp in the Pocono Mountains (Pennsylvania) that she began performing and sharing her music.  She started by hitting the open mic  and folk scene in her native South London armed with a banjo, and later gravitating towards Berlin, where she found herself dipping her toes into the world of synthesisers and music production. 

With influences ranging from Cocteau Twins, Neil Young, Sandy Denny and Massive Attack, YMX describe her sound as  " a dreamy and surreal collection of tunes, where instruments flow like waves and her voice echoes ancient lullabies, at times topped off with slow beats and synth loops ".  The name ‘Barbera’ being a purposeful misspelling of her middle name Barbara, simultaneously pays homage to a childhood growing up on Hanna Barbera cartoons and a nod to her background as an illustrator. Reference to this can be found with her newest single “When the Aliens Invade”, (September 2020) having been inspired by a line from the straight-to-VHS “Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders”. Themes of nostalgia, innocence and the supernatural paired with electric and slide guitar, synths and soft vocals create an atmospheric swirl of sound, paired with a distinctive narrative. 


Her newest EP ' Underwater Fruit Machines' (2020) can be found on all major streaming services. 

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